The Core Apps

The AdsDax core apps are the foundations of the platform and make up the basis for a robust, scalable and sustainable advertising ecosystem.

AdsDax ADK

The world’s most advanced blockchain advertising SDK.

The AdsDax Ads Development Kit (“ADK”) is a single line of code that contains all of the logic, assets and video players required to execute a wide range of outstream video, display and rich media advertising spots.

  • flash_on Lightweight size with powerful results
  • tune Complete monetisation control
  • bar_chart Real-time blockchain tracking & analytics
  • view_carousel Multi-site monetisation

Argus Ad Shield

Real-Time Brand Safety, Traffic verification & Fraud Protection.

Currently in early Alpha, the Argus Ad Shield aims to develop into an accredited, sophisticated, machine-learning security layer which continuously monitors incoming ad inventory to validate users and page content.

The goal of the Argus Ad Shield is to prevent any and all general and sophisticated invalid traffic from entering the ecosystem, ensuring that advertisers are only presented with ad inventory from valid users on brand-safe web content.

Creative Studio

Self-Serve Ad Platform and Ad Creation Tool.

AdsDax Creative Studio is a powerful creative management suite for the design and automated build of dynamic and engaging rich-media ad experiences. AdsDax Creative Studio allows advertisers to build unique and powerful ad creative across a wide range of industry-guideline-compliant ad formats.

Demeter Yield Engine

Machine Learning Yield Optimisation.

The Demeter Yield Engine is positioned to become an intelligent neural net that optimises ad buying by matching advertisers, publishers, consumers and ad preferences during the ad decisioning process in order to maximise the yield from every single ad impression, ensuring that consumers only see the most relevant, effective ads.

Demeter combines Markov Decision Processes with reinforcement learning and an Epsilon-Greedy strategy to create the highest amount of revenue per ad impression (or RPI).

Real Time Brand Safety

Sophisticated Traffic Verification

Machine Learning Yield Optimisation

Innovative Ad Creation Studio

Self-Service Ad Platform

Secure Distributed Ledger

Secure Distributed Ledger

Secure Distributed Ledger

Consumer Console

The Consumer entry-point into the AdsDax ecosystem.

Currently scheduled for development, the AdsDax Consumer Console is the consumer’s route into the AdsDax platform. It allows consumers to claim and manage their wallets, to manage their data and adjust their privacy settings.

  • block Manage removal of AdsDax adverts on sites within the AdsDax network
  • favorite Manage your ad preferences and interact with brands
  • money Create and manage your OYou wallet and balance
  • no_encryption Manage privacy & data protection settings

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