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AdsDax bridge the gap between analytics, identity, tracking and micropayments to create a unique platform.

About Us – AdsDax Blockchain Advertising Platform

Consumer-Oriented Innovation

Pioneering technology.

AdsDax has long recognised the need for an alternative use of technology to facilitate a more open, unified and transparent ecosystem that is fair to all participants. Blockchain, with its core focus on transparency and the immutable nature of the data stored within, clearly presents an opportunity for advertising to grow and evolve.

Greater Connection

The big problems in advertising.

There is a lack of meaningful connection between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers don’t know if their audience is real and consumer data is used without permission of end users while middlemen technologies drain money from the supply chain, with some even actively encouraging or ignoring fraud in order to create revenue for themselves. This must change.

Distributed Ledger Technology

An advertising revolution.

AdsDax has created a simple-to-use advertising platform that allows businesses, brands and agencies to quickly and easily create rich-media advertising campaigns. The AdsDax platform uses blockchain tracking technology to create transparency, security and reduce ad fraud on all ad campaigns, ensuring that all of your ad budget is being spent on creating new customers.

Case Study

  • transactions per second.
  • ad events per second.
  • payments per second.

AdsDax recently partnered with Zee Entertainment to set AdTech and FinTech industry records, executing over 1,300 cryptocurrency transactions per second (TPS) on Hedera Hashgraph's enterprise grade distributed ledger.

The advertising campaign conducted with Zee Entertainment in order to achieve this milestone involved real-time micropayments in cryptocurrency for each impression occurring on the ad network.


Through the campaign, AdsDax has proved that it has capacity to offer real-time transactions of cryptocurrency to consumers for their engagement with advertising in the form of 'micro-rewards'.

Fair Advertising Ecosystem

Why AdsDax uses blockchain and distributed ledger technologies?

AdsDax is building on two of the core concepts of 3rd-party consensus and cryptocurrency payments, in order to create a fair, transparent and scalable ecosystem for advertising.


To reduce the amount of ad fraud in the ad industry.


To reduce the amount of money lost by brands to middlemen.


To improve payment conditions for publishers.


To achieve the scale and speed of transactions required in advertising.


To build a platform that rewards consumers for their role in advertising.

New Advertising Platform

AdsDax's vision for the Future.

Our mission is to create a simple-to-use platform that allows businesses to adopt incentive - centered loyalty and rewards models and automation services while providing scale, security, speed and high throughput at a low cost.


Technology Providers.

Benefit from ad revenue.



Monetise their content.



Monetise their time and attention.


Creative's & Developers.

Join in the advertising process.



Create, buy, verify and optimise ads.

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