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Let's fix it together, with our blockchain advertising ecosystem.


More Than A Disruption

AdsDax is the first of its kind, a LIVE blockchain-powered advertising platform in use by the world’s top brands and agencies.

The BIG problems in advertising

The Supply Chain is Fundamentally Broken.

There is a lack of meaningful connection between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers don’t know if their audience is real and consumer data is used without permission of end users while middlemen technologies drain money from the supply chain, with some even actively encouraging or ignoring fraud in order to create revenue for themselves. This must change.

Why AdsDax?

AdsDax is a blockchain-powered, rich-media advertising platform.

We aim to reinvent the advertising industry by creating an open advertising ecosystem that connects advertisers directly to consumers and their devices.

  • AdsDax has an existing customer base with a viable economic model
  • A team with track record in building leading-edge ad tech solutions
  • AdsDax has a deep insight into the ad industry that will enable us to decentralise key elements quickly
  • AdsDax has a live platform and has completed numerous campaigns for big agencies and brands
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Real Time Analysis

AdsDax has a Live Platform.

AdsDax has already developed a live, working platform that has been used to successfully deliver ad campaigns with for massive brands and agencies with real-time tracking.

Previous campaigns had ultra-low tracking discrepancies. Advertisers and other stakeholders can see results in real time.

Our Vision

Building an ecosystem for the monetisation of digital attention.

AdsDax has a vision to build a unified platform that facilitates all aspects of advert creation, campaign delivery, traffic and content verification and optimisation with transparent reporting and costs backed by a public blockchain.

  • Allows all participants to benefit from the money that is currently wasted through middlemen
  • Connects advertisers directly to KYC-verified real users and prevent ad fraud
  • Incentivises users to share their data with advertisers, getting more relevant ad experiences while retaining their anonymity
  • Uses unique staking mechanisms to dis-incentivise publishers from providing non brand-safe content
The AdsDax Vision
For The Future

to monetise their content

Creatives & Developers

to join in the advertising process

Technology Providers

to benefit from ad revenue


to monetise their time and attention


to create, buy, verify and optimise ads

Why Blockchain Technology?

The use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT or “blockchain”) is core to the principles underlying the AdsDax vision for several reasons:


It allows transparent, near real-time payments and micro-transactions directly from advertisers to consumers and publishers.


It adds a layer of trust between AdsDax and advertisers, as only events in the ledger will be paid for, and the transparency and openness of the ledger allows advertisers to verify and reconcile their campaign data.


The transparency and openness of the blockchain can be leveraged by AdsDax to allow publishers to see the true value of their traffic and that they are getting a fair share of the advertiser spend.


It opens up new business models such as rewarding users for viewing adverts or refunding their data costs.

How AdsDax Can Win

The AdsDax platform aims to become the new standard for digital advertising by:


Developing an ecosystem that enables advertisers to have a direct relationship with verified consumers.


Compensating and incentivising consumers for their participation in the advertising process and value creation.


Empowering consumers by giving them control over their privacy and the data they share.


Expediting business processes for advertisers and publishers by using DLT/blockchain technology to provide real-time tracking and payments.

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