AdsDax is a blockchain advertising platform and marketplace to create, buy, verify and sell advertising.



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Last updated 31/03/2023

Blockchain Advertising Platform – AdsDax

What is AdsDax?

A rich-media advertising platform.

AdsDax is a self-serve advertising platform that leverages blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to fix the problems of the advertising industry for advertisers, agencies, brands and publishers.

We enable advertisers to create, deliver, verify and optimize rich-media mobile advertising campaigns.



Quickly and easily create your mobile display and video adverts in the AdsDax dashboard.



AdsDax delivers your ads to your target audience across its network of premium mobile websites.



Your ad events are automatically verified and time-stamped by a 3rd party on a live blockchain.

The Numbers

AdsDax is a live platform.

This isn't just a whitepaper or a proof-of-concept. The AdsDax Platform currently receives hundreds of millions of ad requests per month and has managed campaigns for over 25 of the Ad Age top 100 brands.

AdsDax tracks ad events in realtime on blockchain to ensure that Advertisers are meeting their goals and getting the most use out of their ad spend.

AdsDax has created a simple-to-use advertising platform that allows businesses, brands and agencies to quickly and easily create rich-media advertising campaigns. The AdsDax platform uses blockchain tracking technology to create transparency, security and reduce ad fraud on all ad campaigns, ensuring that all of your ad budget is being spent on creating new customers.

The Benefits

For advertisers.

AdsDax enables advertisers to create, deliver, optimise and get blockchain backed verification on their rich-media ad campaigns, all in a simple-to-use dashboard.

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The Benefits

For publishers.

Publishers can benefit from greater transparency, increased revenue, faster payments and a fairer price for the ad inventory they provide to advertisers.

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The Press

The world is talking about AdsDax.

Not Just a disruption, It's a Revolution!

AdsDax builds the pioneering technology that is fuelling an advertising revolution.