AdsDax is a blockchain advertising platform and marketplace to create, buy, verify and sell advertising.

What is AdsDax?

AdsDax is a rich media advertising platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology to reinvent the advertising industry.

The Numbers


Ad Events Recorded on Hedera Hashgraph


Crypto Payments Executed on Hedera Mainnet


Daily Average Transactions


Peak Transactions Per Second

Last updated 25/09/2020

Mobile Advertising Experts

AdsDax has a 10-year track record in the development of bleeding-edge ad tech solutions that cater to an existing customer base.

Brand Safety. Cross-Platform. Engagement. Security.
Verification. Delivery. Data Management. Analytics.

Talanted & Experienced Team

The AdsDax team consists of highly talented people with a cross mix of technology, programmatic, big data, gamification, blockchain and sales people who have sold innovative solutions to tier-1 brands and agencies worldwide.

UX Designers. Web Developers. Content Production.
Systems Architects. Full Stack Engineers.

The Big Problems We Can Solve


Brands sell products in shops worldwide BUT they have no direct connection to their customers or the data they create on multiple devices.


Digital advertising’s current ecosystem is inefficient with fraud and trust issues with 75% of fees going to middlemen.


Lack of transparent access on who is paid for what and where ads are seen, in what context and with what results.


Consumer data is taken for free, and shared among numerous 3rd parties. Consumers have no control and want anonymity.

AdsDax is a LIVE platform

The AdsDax Platform currently receives hundreds of millions of ad requests per month and has previously managed campaigns for over 25 of the Ad Age top 100 brands.

Our blockchain enabled advertising platform is already being used by some of the world’s biggest ad agencies, including GroupM, Isobar and Havas Media.

The World Is Talking About AdsDax

Executive Vice President

Shekhar Mhaskar

Isobar Logo

The AdsDax team have proved their blockchain platform can track live ad campaign events, at scale on an immutable, distributed ledger with transactions recorded in real-time directly from the rich-media ad creative. We believe this is a major milestone in what is likely to be the start of a journey to explore how distributed ledger technology can improve efficiency.

Head of Media and Business
– Mumbai and Bangalore

Rohan Chincholi

Havas Media Logo

AdsDax has a live platform that solves the issues of speed and expense on the blockchain while delivering the key features: transparency, immutable tracking and payment.

Head of Digital
– Pakistan

Amna Khatib

Group M Logo

Mobile has the highest reach in Digital and we needed solutions to reach out to our different target audiences. This we were able to do via our partnership with AdsDax.

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