AdsDax is a rich media advertising platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology to reinvent the advertising industry.

AdsDax has a 10-year track record in the development of bleeding-edge ad tech solutions that cater to an existing customer base.

The AdsDax team consists of highly talented people with a cross mix of technology, programmatic, big data, gamification, blockchain and sales people who have sold innovative solutions to tier-1 brands and agencies worldwide.

The AdsDax Platform currently receives hundreds of millions of ad requests per month and has previously managed campaigns for over 25 of the Ad Age top 100 brands
What is AdsDax?

A decentralised ecosystem for rich-media advertising

A blockchain-enabled marketplace to create, verify, optimise, buy and sell advertising at low fees powered by its own cryptocurrency, the OYou Token.

AdsDax aims to be the first platform that can be used by anyone to design develop and create a blockchain-backed rich-media ad campaign that can be fulfilled by publishers and consumers without the need for any middlemen and with full transparency and real-time payment to the publishers who provided the ad space, masternodes who provided delivery services and consumers who engaged with the ad.

An ecosystem for everyone

The AdsDax Vision

The AdsDax vision is a future where advertisers have direct, secure, transparent and permission-based access to deliver adverts to consumers who are rewarded with OYou tokens for their time and data sharing.

We are aiming to reinvent digital advertising – from the ground up using crypto economic models to incentivise participants to drive decentralisation and consumer uptake of an opt-in advertising platform – without any middlemen.

Operating at the intersection of an ecosystem

A Unified Marketplace

AdsDax brings the key elements of the advertising ecosystem into a unified platform and improves them through distrivuted ledger technologies.

Combining rich-media advertising with the security, transparency and immutability of blockchain technology, AdsDax can provide a fair and open ecosystem that removes the need for middlemen and fixes key issues in the advertising industry.

The addition of incentivised nano-payments means that consumers can now be suitably rewarded for their participation in the advertising process and can control how their data is used.

For developers and creatives AdsDax provides a new entry point to contribute work and earn money within the ad industry.

The Evolution

Blockchain Marketplaces

Cryptocurrency has evolved from a simple form of electronic cash to a distributed ledger-driven store of value.

When Smart Contract protocols were introduced to the world, they offered a new method to facilitate the transfer of value between cryptocurrency users in a secure manner without the need for costly 3rd parties.

AdsDax believes that the next stage of this evolution is the adoption of blockchain-enabled marketplaces which allow participants to access services in a secure, transparent and immediate fashion that bypasses large swathes of the product delivery pipeline to reduce costs and open up the market to more participants.


Key features of AdsDax

AdsDax promotes freedom, transparency and security
for all stakeholders within every single advertising transaction.

Yield Optimisation

AdsDax leverages machine learning to deliver the right ads to the right consumers, minimising the amount of impressions required to generate a conversion, increasing marketing efficiency and reducing the amount of ads a consumer sees

Verified Consumer Engagement

AdsDax uses sophisticated measurement tools and algorithms to verify genuine consumer engagement with an advert, giving advertisers more insight into the effectiveness of their ad creative and the true value of their ad spend

Innovative Creative Platform

A creative management studio for the design and build of dynamic and engaging rich-media ad experiences, AdsDax Creative Studio allows advertisers to build bespoke ad creative across a wide range of industry guideline-compliant ad formats

Real-Time Brand Security

A sophisticated ad fraud prevention and traffic verification layer that protects advertisers, agencies and brands from running campaigns on malicious or invalid traffic and inappropriate content, maximising the value of ad spend

Self-Service Marketplace

An end-to-end self-serve ad platform that allows advertisers to plan, budget, deliver and report on rich media ad campaigns. AdsDax includes a proprietary, ad tech stack optimised for the delivery, execution and measurement of rich media ads

Secure Distributed Ledger

AdsDax utilises blockchain and consensus technologies to provide a secure, fair and distributed ledger of immutable data and transactions, ensuring that all data is reconciled correctly and securely at every stage of the advertising process

How the Ecosystem operates

The AdsDax Process

Advertisers add campaigns to AdsDax

An advertiser creates a new ad campaign in the AdsDax self-serve platform. The advertiser can upload their own creative assets or utilise the creative studio to create assets for their campaign. As well as creating a campaign, advertisers add OYou to their AdsDax Wallet, to fund the delivery of the campaign.

Valid, brand-safe ad Inventory is identified

When a consumer hits a webpage within the AdsDax publisher network, the AdsDax ADK loads and begins the advertising process. This page impression is measured by Argus Ad Shield, AdsDax's proprietary ad security module, which protects brands against general and sophisticated invalid traffic and unsafe ad inventory.

Optimised Ad Selection

AdsDax leverages its Demeter Yield Engine, a machine learning driven ad optimisation tool, to select the most appropriate advert for that particular consumer within the current context of the impression. This allows AdsDax to dramatically improve user experience by providing more relevant ads as well as reducing the amount of ad impressions needed to create a conversion for advertisers.

Distributed ad delivery

AdsDax is built on a proprietary ad-delivery tech stack, designed for the sole purpose of delivering, tracking and executing video, display & HTML5 ad creative seamlessly across any screen in any geo, including on proxy devices and legacy phones. AdsDax intends to expand its CDN-backed delivery network to include several masternodes, increasing the distribution, speed and availability of ad assets and tracking.

Blockchain-powered tracking & payments

When a payable event occurs within the advert (such as an impression, video view or clickthrough) it is logged to the AdsDax ledger. This triggers the payment of OYou from advertisers to publishers, masternodes, AdsDax and most importantly, consumers, who can finally be rewarded for their participation within the ecosystem.

The Problems

The problems with the digital advertising industry

The current digital advertising ecosystem is inefficient, lacks transparency and has resulted in superfluous tech, data leakage and products bolted on by middlemen at the expense of advertisers, publishers and consumer.

Problems for Consumers

  • A lack of trust and privacy
  • Intrusive ads
  • No easy way to profit from adverts
  • Zero control over data sharing
  • No relationship with the advertiser

Problems for Publishers

  • Revenue and value leakage
  • Currency conversion loss
  • Limited sales tools
  • Loss of control of audience
  • Platform costs are increasing

Problems for Advertisers

  • No trust or transparency
  • Loss of control
  • Up to 75% of spend is lost to middlemen
  • Banner blindness has reduced ad efficiency
  • Ad fraud is rife

The Solutions

How to fix digital advertising

The AdsDax platform features a unique tokenomic model that incentivises and rewards all participants within the advertising process to create a useful, fair, transparent and secure ecosystem for everyone.

Unified Platform

A platform for advertisers to buy and publishers to sell ad inventory

Creative Studio

A platform to create unique, dynamic and engaging ads

IncentiveCentered Design

Participants incentivised with discounts, bonuses, and exclusive services

Faster Payments

Participants can be paid in real time rather than waiting 30 days


Advertisers and consumers can have a direct relationship

Consumers in Control

Empowering consumers to own their data and get rewarded for their participation in the ecosystem

Machine Intelligence

A Sophisticated, ML-driven reputation system that minimises IVT and fraud

Visible Campaign Value

A complex verification system powered by a new unit of measurement: Verified Engaged Users

Transparent Metrics

An open and transparent 1st-Party Data Management Platform

Creativity Unlocked

A creative platform to power the future

AdsDax has a vision to build a creative platform that will power advertising for decades.

A combination of new and evolving technologies, more powerful devices and faster data connections has unlocked an endless amount of creative possibilities.

Combining video, images, animation and physical interaction points, rich-media advertising is the natural evolution of advertising.

These highly interactive and engaging ads overcome the issues surrounding banner blindness and encourage users to engage with ad campaigns on new and more entertaining levels – increasing the value of these campaigns for advertisers.


Road Map

AdsDax has built the foundations for a new advertising ecosystem and continues to progress towards achieving the vision of an open, transparent and fair marketplace for all.

Our roadmap gives you a look inside AdsDax’s current development process, our short term focus, and a look at the longer-term roadmap.

Q1-Q2 2017
Blockchain R&D
• R&D into blockchain technology and its ad industry use cases
• Researched the viability of consumer facing, mass transaction blockchains
Q3 2017
Improved Ad Experience
Released first iteration of Creative Studio, a suite of boutique rich-media ad experiences designed for mobile advertising
Q4 2017
Self-Serve Alpha Platform
• Self-serve alpha launched for internal use
• Creative Studio updated with new ad formats
Q1 2018
AdsDax Whitepaper & Platform Updates
• Self-serve platform adds CDN-backed assets management tools
• AdsDax whitepaper v1.0 development begins
Q2 2018
Argus Ad Shield Alpha Test
Live tests of Argus Ad Shield Alpha which successfully identified and removed bad traffic from the publisher network
Q3 2018
Self-Serve Payment Features
The self-serve platform is updated to accept payments from advertisers in both fiat and cryptocurrencies
Q4 2018
Live Campaigns Tracked on Blockchain
AdsDax is currently running LIVE campaigns for major brands via the self-serve platform with events tracked on a public ledger
Q1 2019
Campaign Ramp-Up & Throughput Testing
AdsDax will continue running campaigns for major brands to prove the viability of running consumer-facing dApps on a public ledger
Q2 2019
Private Round & Verified Engaged Users
• Beta test and review of Verified Engaged User measurement
• OYou private funding round
Current Progress

Product Lineup

ADK v3.11.0F (Live, Release Version) Currently live within the AdsDax Platform, reaching over 1 billion ad requests per month across 99 sites. 100%
Creative Studio v3.6.0 (Live, Release Version) 100%
Publisher Dashboard v3.0.1 (Live, Release Version) 100%
Connect v3.6.6: An internal platform that handles the CRM, Finance and Ad Ops aspects of AdsDax 100%
Argus Ad-Shield v0.8 (Live, Alpha) 40%
AdsDax Self-Serve Platform v1.0.1 (Live, MVP) 35%
Demeter Yield Engine v0.01(Pre-Alpha) 5%
Meet The Team Behind AdsDax

The Team

19 staff, HQ in Swansea with sales offices in London, Mumbai and Jakarta. The AdsDax team has a 10-year track record in mobile video advertising and identified significant problems in the advertising industry in early 2017 and began blockchain R&D with an aim to reinvent digital advertising.

Dave Moreau

Shaun Ellison
Non-Executive Director

Ian Mullins
Founder & CEO

Susanne Mullins
Chief Operations Officer

Helen Tanner
Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Davies
Chief Product Officer

Rhys Davies
Lead Developer

Danny Jones
Lead Front End Developer

Neil Berry
Chief DevOps Engineer

Joanna Palmer
Office Manager

Aisyah Manda
Sales Director

Ursula Young
Sales & Marketing Manager

Pravin Chahande
Advertising Director

Andrea Pereira
Account Director

Anto Sebastian
Creative Production

Neetha Ramakrishna
Operations & Integrations

Bhanu Oberoi
Account Director

Gagan Uppal
Sales Director
India & Middle East

Christopher Brennen
Advertising Operations


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