AdsDax builds the pioneering technology that is fuelling an advertising revolution.

Core Components

AdsDax technology focus.

We use blockchain technologies to help brands track, verify and understand their ad data.
AdsDax is building the platform, infrastructure and tools to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies and immutable consensus.

AdsDax ADK Logo

AdsDax ADK.

The world’s most advanced blockchain advertising SDK.

AdsDax Argus Ad Shield Logo

Argus Ad Shield.

Real-Time brand safety, traffic verification & fraud protection.

AdsDax Creative Studio Logo

Creative Studio.

Self-Serve and bespoke ad creation tools.

AdsDax Demeter Yield Engine Logo

Demeter Yield Engine.

Machine-Learning yield optimisation.

AdsDax Consumer Console Logo

Consumer Console.

The consumer entry-point into the AdsDax ecosystem.

Real Time Analysis

Our platform is live and it delivers.

AdsDax has delivered successful ad campaigns with blockchain tracking for massive brands and agencies.

Throughout the campaigns advertisers and other stakeholders can see their results in real-time, with ultra-low tracking discrepancies.

Case Study

Record-setting technology.

AdsDax has recently completed a campaign with Zee Entertainment where it set an industry record by achieving a peak throughput of 1372 ad transactions/payments per second.
This was the largest cryptocurrency tracking and payments event of its kind.

AdsDax has successly developed the only platform with the speed, scale and security to handle the throughput of the advertising industry.

Hedera Hashgraph

Current Peak TPS

Estimated Time to Complete Transactions = 1 second

Ethereum Blockchain

Current Peak TPS

Estimated Time to Complete Transactions = 196 seconds

Bitcoin Blockchain

Current Peak TPS

Estimated Time to Complete Transactions = 914 seconds

Distributed Ledger Technology

How AdsDax leverages Hedera Hashgraph.

AdsDax is building on two of the core concepts of Hashgraph, consensus and cryptocurrency payments, in order to create a fair, transparent and scalable ecosystem for advertising.


To reduce the amount of ad fraud in the ad industry.


To reduce the amount of money lost by brands to middlemen.


To improve payment conditions for publishers.


To achieve the scale and speed of transactions required in advertising.


To build a platform that rewards consumers for their role in advertising.

By proving the speed of payments & tracking, scalability and security of the Hedera public ledger, AdsDax has created a sea-change moment in AdTech and FinTech industries. AdsDax has proven that the world is ready for start-ups and enterprises alike to incorporate Hedera Hashgraph into new and existing applications for decentralized trust at scale.

Live Platform Progress

AdsDax is a live platform that can be
used by advertisers today.

Advertisers can create, deliver and verify their ad campaigns via a self-service dashboard with blockchain-enabled tracking.


Status = Live

Version Number = v3.11

Argus Ad Shield

Status = Live/Alpha

Version Number = v0.8

Creative Studio

Status = Live

Version Number = v3.6.0

Demeter Yield Engine

Status = In Development

Version Number = v0.01

Self-Serve Platform

Status = Live/MVP

Version Number = v1.0.1


Status = Live

Version Number = v3.6.6

Publisher Dashboard

Status = Live

Version Number = v3.0.1