Monetise your website with adverts from premium advertisers.

Monetise Your Website

How It Works

The ad platform that actually delivers.

AdsDax is the world’s first blockchain-enabled advertising platform. AdsDax helps content providers worldwide to monetise their websites with 3rd-party-verified adverts from premium brands.

Drive more revenue with standards-compliant ad formats that engage your consumers.

Our Clients

AdsDax is already used by the world's top publishers.

Ad Inventory

The smarter way to monetise your content.

AdsDax is dedicated to delivering non-incentivised, relevant, high quality adverts to your visitors in a fair, transparent and rewarding way.

AdsDax technology unlocks access to a wide range of direct sold and 3rd party ad campaigns, giving publishers the volume and quality required to deliver the right adverts to your audience and maximise your revenue.

Maximise Your Traffic

Earn more revenue from your web content.

AdsDax is a decentralised ecosystem for rich-media advertising that uses blockchain technologies to sell your high-quality ad inventory to advertisers and optimise your ad inventory to maximise the revenue from your traffic.

Simple Setup

The easier way to monetise your content.

Simply add a single line of code into the <head> of your website to enable AdsDax adverts on your content.

The AdsDax ADK contains all of the code, assets and video players required to execute a wide range of video and rich-media ad spots across your content.

Key Features

Why premium advertisers use the AdsDax platform?

Our advertising platform is used by some of the world’s biggest ad agencies, including GroupM, Isobar and Havas Media to run live ad campaigns.


Blockchain verified data


Frictionless integration


Premium advertisers


Built-In yield optimisation


End-to-end support


Monetise multiple sites

Connect with premium advertisers and get paid for quality traffic

AdsDax helps publishers leverage blockchain technology to monetise their websites.
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