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What We Do – Publishers

AdsDax helps publishers leverage blockchain technology to monetise their websites.

Transparent Monetisation

Earn more revenue from your web content.

AdsDax is decentralized ecosystem for rich media advertising that uses blockchain technologies to suitably reward publishers for providing Advertisers with access to high quality ad inventory and maximise the revenue from their traffic.

A Platform That Works

Why the world’s top publishers use AdsDax.

AdsDax is dedicated to delivering non-incentivised, relevant, high quality adverts to end users in a fair, transparent and rewarding way.

AdsDax technology unlocks access to a wide range of direct sold and 3rd party ad campaigns, giving publishers the volume and quality required to maximise their revenue.



No More Middlemen – AdsDax

No More Middlemen

AdsDax’s end-to-end advertising platform removes the need for any middlemen technologies, ensuring that publishers maximise the potential revenue from their websites.

No More Middlemen

Frictionless Integration

Frictionless Integration – AdsDax

Frictionless Integration

AdsDax provides publishers with a single line of code adds high value, engaging adverts to their websites with the lowest possible barrier to entry.

Real-Time Publisher Dashboard – AdsDax

Real-Time Publisher Dashboard

An inventory management and data management tool that allows publishers to analyse their inventory performance in real-time and adjust their ad settings without having to update the code on their website.

Real-Time Publisher Dashboard

Transparent, Verified Data

Transparent, Verified Data – AdsDax

Transparent, Verified Data

AdsDax utilises blockchain and consensus technologies to provide a secure, fair and distributed ledger of immutable data and transactions, allowing publishers and advertisers to see where and when ads were served and paid.

Monetise Multiple Sites – AdsDax

Monetise Multiple Sites

Publishers can monetise and manage their advertising inventory and settings for all of their websites through a single, simple-to-use dashboard.

Monetise Multiple Sites

Built-In Yield Optimisation

Built-In Yield Optimisation – AdsDax

Built-In Yield Optimisation

AdsDax leverages machine learning to deliver the right ads to the right consumers, minimising the amount of impressions required to generate a conversion, increasing ad efficiency to boost publisher revenue.

The world’s most advanced blockchain advertising SDK

The AdsDax Ads Development Kit (“ADK”) is a single line of code that contains all of the logic, assets and video players required to execute a wide range of outstream video, display and rich media advertising spots.

Full-Page Takeover

Full-screen rich media advertising for instant brand awareness.

Takeover, offers publishers guaranteed viewability for a high value, premium ad spot that can trigger on-page load or after user scrolls a certain length down a page. Takeover offers an additional ad spot over the banner spots offered by AdsDax, giving publishers an extra opportunity to monetise their mobile web traffic.

Outstream Video

A powerful and effective way to engage your audience.

Implemented through the AdsDax ADK, Outstream Video ad spots can be placed anywhere inside a mobile webpage. This makes it an ideal ad spot for websites with long pages of content and publishers who want ads to fit in with their existing UI.

Video In-Banner

Fast, simple and effective monetisation.

Video In-Banner is the fastest and simplest way to monetise a mobile webpage and is suitable for any publisher who wishes to monetise their website.

Video In-Banner is an adhesive (sticky) ad spot that loads at the very bottom of the user’s screen, overlaying the content of the current webpage. The advert can be closed and fully removed from the page by the user at any time, ensuring a great, uninterrupted browsing experience.

Direct Sales Promotion

An ad network that
works for you.

Along with algorithmic yield optimisation, AdsDax places a dedicated revenue optimisation team behind your sites to actively promote and sell inventory on your website direct to brands and agencies in order to maximise the exposure of your site and increase your revenue.


Powerful Dashboard Management

The publisher performance monitoring dashboard gives the publishers insightful and actionable real-time analytics that will help them to better understand their mobile website traffic.

Access Vital Revenue Intelligence

With real-time, responsive analytics, publishers can plan and maximise their monetisation strategies. Making it easier to increase revenue and yield from their mobile web inventory.

Intelligent Monetisation Control

The AdsDax Publisher Dashboard gives publishers the ability to gain full, real-time control and transparency over ad inventory. featuring dynamic ad display frequencies, category, ad-spot and demand whitelisting, AdsDax gives publishers all of the tools required to craft a unique monetisation experience for their users.

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