Revolutionary self-service ad platform for ad campaign management.

How It Works

The ad platform that actually delivers.

AdsDax is the world’s first blockchain-enabled advertising platform that allows you to to create, deliver, verify and optimise your ad campaigns.

AdsDax enables you to quickly and easily create mobile display and mobile video campaigns that reach and engage your target audience.



Quickly and easily create your mobile display and video adverts in the AdsDax dashboard.



AdsDax delivers your ads to your target audience across its network of premium mobile websites.



Your ad events are automatically verified and time-stamped by a 3rd party on a live blockchain.

Our Clients

AdsDax is already used by the world's top ad agencies.

AdsDax Dashboard

Easy to use with powerful results.

The AdsDax Dashboard is a blockchain-enabled self-serve platform that provides the tools and data for brands and agencies to create, deliver, verify and optimise their ad campaigns in real time.

Create rich-media and video ads for mobile platforms.

Access to ad performance data in real time.

Get ad data verified on a 3rd-party blockchain.

Reach genuine users on brand-safe inventory.

Ad Formats

Drive engagement on your ad campaigns.

Utilise innovative and unique mobile ad formats to build your brand and connect with a global audience.

AdsDax produce custom HTML5 rich-media FPT advert campaigns for top brands.

Outstream video advertising combines high-visibility video, engaging media and effective calls to action with a native experience that drives campaign performance and increases brand favorability.

Maximum engagement and viewability for guaranteed brand lift.

Full-Page Takeover gives you the creative freedom to present your brand the way it should be, while tailoring your advert to meet your campaign goals.

Publisher Network

Find the right audience.

The AdsDax self-serve Advertising Platform has a unique publisher network.

  • News.
  • Business.
  • Media.
  • Popular Culture.
  • Finance.
  • Technology.

Deliver your adverts to high-profile websites that cover segments such as news, business, media, popular culture, finance, technology and more.

Core Features

Why use AdsDax self-serve advertising platform?


Dedicated 1-1 support


Premium ad space on top publishers


Advanced ad creative


In-depth budget & targeting control


Blockchain verified data


Low minimum deposit (only £50.00)

Top Brands

Proven advertising platform.

AdsDax has created and delivered rich-media mobile advertising and video advertising campaigns for over 25 of the Advertising Age top 100 brands and over 30 of the Interbrand top 100 brands.

Verified Data

Analytics you can trust.

Prove the ROI of your campaign with a robust analytics suite that uses 3rd-party, blockchain-verified campaign data. You only pay for events that have been 3rd party verified by nodes on the Hedera Hashgraph mainnet. This helps to drastically reduce ad fraud and makes your budget go further.

Revolutionise Your Ad Campaigns Today!

AdsDax provides advertisers with an end-to-end ad delivery platform that allows brands and agencies to efficiently plan, build, execute and scale their mobile advertising and video advertising campaigns in a transparent, secure and trustworthy environment.

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