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What We Do – Advertisers

We create, deliver, verify and optimize rich-media mobile advertising for brands.



Yield Optimisation – AdsDax

Yield Optimisation

AdsDax leverages machine learning to deliver the right ads to the right consumers, minimising the amount of impressions required to generate a conversion, increasing marketing efficiency and reducing the amount of ads a consumer sees.

Yield Optimisation

Verified Consumer Engagement

Verified Consumer Engagement – AdsDax

Verified Consumer Engagement

AdsDax uses sophisticated measurement tools and algorithms to verify genuine consumer engagement with an advert, giving advertisers more insight into the effectiveness of their ad creative and the true value of their ad spend.

Innovative Creative Platform – AdsDax

Innovative Creative Platform

A creative management studio for the design and build of dynamic and engaging rich-media ad experiences, AdsDax Creative Studio allows advertisers to build bespoke ad creative across a wide range of industry guideline-compliant ad formats.

Innovative Creative Platform

Real-Time Brand Security

Real-Time Brand Security – AdsDax

Real-Time Brand Security

A sophisticated ad fraud prevention and traffic verification layer that protects advertisers, agencies and brands from running campaigns on malicious or invalid traffic and inappropriate content, maximising the value of ad spend.

Self-Service Marketplace – AdsDax

Self-Service Marketplace

An end-to-end self-serve ad platform that allows advertisers to plan, budget, deliver and report on rich media ad campaigns. AdsDax includes a proprietary, ad tech stack optimised for the delivery, execution and measurement of rich media ads.

Self-Service Marketplace

Secure Distributed Ledger

Secure Distributed Ledger – AdsDax

Secure Distributed Ledger

AdsDax utilises blockchain and consensus technologies to provide a secure, fair and distributed ledger of immutable data and transactions, ensuring that all data is reconciled correctly and securely at every stage of the advertising process.

How AdsDax
Blockchain Advertising
Solution Works

Advertisers add campaigns to AdsDax

An advertiser creates a new ad campaign in the AdsDax self-serve platform. The advertiser can upload their own creative assets or utilise the creative studio to create assets for their campaign.

As well as creating a campaign, advertisers add OYou to their AdsDax Wallet, to fund the delivery of the campaign.

Self-serve Platform – AdsDax
Brand-safe Ad Inventory – AdsDax

Valid, brand-safe ad Inventory is identified

When a consumer hits a webpage within the AdsDax publisher network, the AdsDax ADK loads and begins the advertising process. This page impression is measured by Argus Ad Shield, AdsDax's proprietary ad security module, which protects brands against general and sophisticated invalid traffic and unsafe ad inventory.

Optimised ad Selection

AdsDax leverages its Demeter Yield Engine, a machine learning driven ad optimisation tool, to select the most appropriate advert for that particular consumer within the current context of the impression.

This allows AdsDax to dramatically improve user experience by providing more relevant ads as well as reducing the amount of ad impressions needed to create a conversion for advertisers.

Optimised ad Selection – AdsDax
Distributed Ad delivery – AdsDax

Distributed ad delivery

AdsDax is built on a proprietary ad-delivery tech stack, designed for the sole purpose of delivering, tracking and executing video, display & HTML5 ad creative seamlessly across any screen in any geo, including on proxy devices and legacy phones.

AdsDax intends to expand its CDN-backed delivery network to include several masternodes, increasing the distribution, speed and availability of ad assets and tracking.

Blockchain-powered tracking & payment

When a payable event occurs within the advert (such as an impression, video view or clickthrough) it is logged to the AdsDax ledger. This triggers the payment of OYou from advertisers to publishers, masternodes, AdsDax and most importantly, consumers, who can finally be rewarded for their participation within the ecosystem.

Blockchain-powered Tracking & Payment – AdsDax

A LIVE Blockchain Advertising Solution

AdsDax providers advertisers with an end-to-end ad delivery platform that allows Brands and Agencies to efficiently plan, build, execute, and scale their Mobile Advertising and video advertising campaigns in a transparent, secure and trustworthy environment.


The Core dApps

Argus Ad Shield – AdsDax

Real-Time Brand Safety, Traffic verification & Fraud Protection

Consumer Console – AdsDax

The Consumer entry-point into the AdsDax ecosystem

Demeter Yield Engine – AdsDax

Machine Learning Yield Optimisation

AdsDax ADK

Ad Delivery Tech-Stack with direct code in publisher sites

Creative Ad Studio – AdsDax

Self-Serve Ad Platform and Ad Creation Tool

Who We Work With

AdsDax has created and delivered rich-media mobile advertising and video advertising campaigns for over 25+ of the Advertising Age top 100 brands and over 30+ of the Interbrand top 100 brands.

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