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The Begining

The founding team started as Yamgo, a mobile-oriented content provider which monetised video on mobile. As Yamgo we saw the problems content owners had monetising their content.

Yamgo. Yamgo. Yamgo. Yamgo.
Yamgo. Yamgo. Yamgo. Yamgo.

The Evolution

We evolved into AdSpruce and worked to solve the problems of monetisation for content owners, enabling them to monetise their traffic through rich-media video and display advertising. Through AdSpruce we developed an end-to-end video advertising platform with 28 of the world's top 100 Ad Age brands using our platform and a publisher network and infrastructure processing up to 2 million ad code requests per hour.

AdSpruce. AdSpruce. AdSpruce.
AdSpruce. AdSpruce. AdSpruce.

The Here And Now

We aim to capitalise on our existing position, team and experience and convert a high proportion of existing customers to the new platform and continue running live campaigns with leading brands using our platform in 2019.

AdsDax. AdsDax. AdsDax. AdsDax.
AdsDax. AdsDax. AdsDax. AdsDax.

Meet The Team

The AdsDax team has a 10-year track record in mobile video advertising and identified significant problems in the advertising industry in early 2017 and began blockchain R&D with an aim to reinvent digital advertising.

Dave Moreau – AdsDax Chairman
Dave Moreau


Shaun Ellison – AdsDax Non-Executive Director
Shaun Ellison

Non-Executive Director

Ian Mullins – AdsDax Founder & CEO
Ian Mullins

Founder & CEO

Susanne Mullins – AdsDax
Susanne Mullins

Chief Operations Officer

Ryan Davies – AdsDax
Ryan Davies

Chief Product Officer

Rhys Davies – AdsDax
Rhys Davies

Lead Developer

Danny Jones – AdsDax
Danny Jones

Lead Front End Developer

Neil Berry – AdsDax
Neil Berry

Chief DevOps Engineer

Helen Tanner – AdsDax
Helen Tanner

Chief Marketing Officer

Ursula Young – AdsDax
Ursula Young

Sales & Marketing Manager

Christopher Brennen – AdsDax
Christopher Brennen

Advertising Operations

Anto Sebastian – AdsDax
Anto Sebastian

Creative Production

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