Road Map

AdsDax has built the foundations for a new advertising ecosystem and continues to progress towards achieving the vision of an open, transparent and fair marketplace for all.

Our roadmap gives you a look inside AdsDax’s current development process, our short term focus, and a look at the longer-term roadmap.

Q1-Q2 2017
Blockchain R&D

R&D into blockchain technology and its ad industry use cases.

Researched the viability of consumer facing, mass transaction blockchains.

Q3 2017
Improved Ad Experience

Released first iteration of Creative Studio, a suite of boutique rich-media ad experiences designed for mobile advertising.

Q4 2017
Self-Serve Alpha Platform

Self-serve alpha launched for internal use.

Studio updated with new ad formats.

Q1 2018
AdsDax Whitepaper & Platform Updates

Self-serve platform adds CDN-backed assets management tools.

AdsDax whitepaper v1.0 development begins.

Q2 2018
Argus Ad Shield Alpha Test

Live tests of Argus Ad Shield Alpha which successfully identified and removed bad traffic from the publisher network.

Q3 2018
Self-Serve Payment Features

The self-serve platform is updated to accept payments from advertisers in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Q4 2018
Live Campaigns Tracked on Blockchain

AdsDax is currently running LIVE campaigns for major brands via the self-serve platform with events tracked on a public ledger.

Q1 2019
Campaign Ramp-Up & Throughput Testing

AdsDax will continue running campaigns for major brands to prove the viability of running consumer-facing dApps on a public ledger.


The current milestones and goals for the AdsDax organisation, including staffing, resources, admin and legal work.

Q2 2019
Self-Serve v1.2

An improvement to the current self-serve platform, v1.2 adds a comprehensive campaign creation tutorial along with a new video ad spot for advertisers to purchase that will be delivered as pre-roll and/or outstream.

Self-Serve v1.2 also includes continued progression of issue backlog.

Q3 2019
Full-feature custom ad builder

A robust ad builder will be developed for self-serve.

It will allow advertisers to design fully customisable adverts without relying on existing templates, exponentially increasing the creative possibilities available for adverts.

Advanced ad format creation

AdsDax will continue to develop unique, innovative ad experiences for direct-sold campaigns on an advert-by-advert basis.


The current milestones for AdsDax’s infrastructure focus on utilising hardware provisions to connect to and submit events to various blockchain ledgers along with redundancy provisions to ensure continuous uptime of the AdsDax service.

Q2 2019
Deploy custom Horizon node

Horizon is an API server for Stellar.

It acts as the interface between Stellar-core and AdsDax, allowing us to access the Stellar network in order to submit transactions to the network, check the status of accounts, subscribe to event streams and more.

Q2 2019
Deploy custom Core node

A Core node is required to allow AdsDax to communicate directly with the Stellar peer-to-peer network of validators.

Q3 2019
Add redundancy for blockchain nodes

In order to increase scalability we need to add in resilience for blockchain-enabled nodes such as Stellar Horizon/Core Nodes that allow us to either cross connect or quick bounce nodes should our primary horizon/core nodes go down.


We aim to achieve a high level of decentralisation (meaning none of the nodes can control the processing of all transactions on the network) and low-zero dependence on trusted 3rd parties (“Service Providers”).

Considered with a view to security, scalability, transaction features, transparency and robustness some elements of the platform will remain centralised until decentralised options can be reviewed.

Q1/Q2 2019
R&D into Hashgraph acyclic graph

Hashgraph is an enterprise-grade public network for decentralized applications that offers use of smart contracts, a cryptocurrency payment layer and a file storage facility that provides GDPR-compliant controlled mutability.

Hashgraph could be a key technology partner for AdsDax, as such, we will need to run tests of their technology to see if it really can handle the scale and throughput of the AdsDax platform.

Q3 2019
Automate systems for wallet creation

Regardless of the distributed ledger technology that AdsDax leverages for its platform an important feature of the AdsDax platform will be the automatic creation of wallets for advertisers, publishers, campaigns, consumers and masternodes.

This development will allow AdsDax to provision wallets for all users and campaign delivery in a frictionless environment.

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